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Qream Chronicles Podcast

Feb 15, 2019

What's your theme for 2019?  Sunny's is confidence!

Think about one word that you will focus on for 2019 in order to become a better YOU!



Qream Concept: Confidence

"Teaching Emotional Intelligence from the boardroom to the bedroom"


Jan 27, 2019

When you look good you feel good!

This week, the Qream travelled to Washington, DC, to chat with Donna Omoregie, Owner and Creator of the FreeStyle App.  This innovative app is empowering our community with confidence and Qream by streamlining the way we find our hair stylist!  She drops some major jewels and gives...

Jan 21, 2019

In light of the MeToo Movement, Surviving R.Kelly and so many viral videos of women being harassed, it is definitely necessary to discuss ways we can protect our sisters.  We really have to begin to speak up for injustice whenever we see it. 


Qream Concept: Protection of Womanhood

"Teaching Emotional...

Dec 31, 2018

Happy New Year Qream Family!!! We just want to thank you for an amazing fun filled 2018.  We very much look forward to an even better 2019. Enjoy the 2018 In Review.


Qream Concept: Thoughtfulness

"Teaching Emotional Intelligence from the boardroom to the bedroom"


Dec 26, 2018

QreamMates, do you really want to your boo thang to really be honest with you?  Can you handle the truth!?  Do you trust that they are honest and upfront with you? In this episode we discuss how you can use emotional intelligence to gain one's trust.  We also speak to how easy it is to lose trust and how difficult it is...